Where I have to invest for best returns?

Where I have to invest for best returns? Firstable, answer yourself what do you mean by “best returns”. It must be “high returns” probably. It’s obvious that¬†historically the best returns were achieved by investing in stocks. And still nothing changed in this matter. These are still stocks, along with forex, mutual funds, own business and real estate that bring best returns for money invested. But is this the answer you are looking for?

Where I have to invest for best returns?

In my opinion, an investment with a high rate of return is an investment in yourself, particularly in your skills and knowledge. Each of us, often accidentally, read an articles or a biographies of successful people. By analyzing their achievements it often turns out that the turning point in their lives was to participate in a specialized seminar, training course or a book read. The knowledge that you can get on such courses or reading relevant literature opens your eyes to investment opportunities. It’s important to get rid of fears and anxieties before you start investing.
Your success depends only on whether you use the skilles that you have learned during the training, or to draw conclusions from your mistakes, and continually raising your skills.

Field of knowledge in which you invest does not really matter. Maybe you are interested in investing in the stock market, forex, mutual funds or real estate. Knowledge acquired in training is certainly necessary to be an effective investor and to achieve above-average annual rate of return on investment. For example, 23% per year after 12 years, will return more than 1,000%. Do you know how much it will be after 20 or 30 years? It doesn’t matter if you invest 5000, 10000 or even 1000000 dollars. The results can be the same as long as you know what you do,

Where I have to invest for best returns nowPlease note that investing in yourself is not just acquiring specialized knowledge about investing. Very important, if not the most important, is the knowledge of your self-improvement. Understanding issues such as managing your time, strong motivation and consistent setting and achieving goals are necessary to achieve success in life. Knowledge alone does not mean anything if you do not have the courage to apply it in practice. Bad habits, laziness and lack of discipline certainly delay or prevent you to achieve the success you desire.

Summing up, where I have to invest for best returns? Simply start with expanding your knowledge.