How many millionaires in the world today?

How many millionaires in the world are there? Apparently each of us four times a year, on average, gets an idea that implementation of which would make you a millionaire. These are entrepreneurs, athletes, e-business merchants, and more and more young people simply. According to the report of the consulting firm – Capgemini and the Royal Bank of Canada there are now all over the world about 11 million people who have at least one million U.S. dollars at their bank account. If we take into account the value of real estate, luxury cars or works of art then the number of millionaires in the world would be as high as 25 millions.

How many millionaires in the world todayTo become a millioniare it’s definitely better to start your business as soon as possible. For instance – Bill Gates at the age of 20 years created the Microsoft. A year older was the creator of Apple – Steve Jobs. The most famous social network in the world was founded the 19-year-old Mark Zuckerberg. And the idea of ​​a Google search engine came up in the minds of 25-year-old boys – Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Today their youthful ideas turned into multinational corporations worth billions of dollars. This spectacular successes stir imagination. Even more if you realise that the big money seems to be at hand. Online business does not require, at least initially, the great capital. Often it’s enough, simply to buy space on the server for tens of dollars a year. The key here is to find a great online business idea. Mind that your final product need to provide value for your customers so that people might find it useful and worth to be recommended for others.

Summing up – how many millionaires in the world today? Assuming that we consider the amount of money at a bank account (at least 1 million) it would be 11 million people. However, if we consider non-cash properties own by people, then the number of millionaires increases to 25 millions worldwide.